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Grow your sales on Poshmark

The must-have tool to grow your sales on Poshmark!

7 Day Free Trial
Built-in automation
Grow your followers, by automating the process of following and sharing
Organize your closet
Make your closet more attractive by simply drag and drop items
Captcha solving
Automatic Captcha detection and solving
Make special offers
Create special offers for multiple items and send them to your likers
Share to Posher parties
Share multiple listings to your followers or to a party with just one click
Control speed
Control sharing speed and configure daily limits
Follow and unfollow
Follow style mates with just a  click. Select pages with users you want to follow and Closet Pixie will find and follow them.
Sound Alerts
Closet Pixie triggers alert sound of successful actions or potential errors
Easy to use
Friendly and easy to use interactive user interface

Get the Closet Pixie browser plugin.

Install the browser plugin, register a user and you're ready to go!


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