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Back to School Outfits for College Girls

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While the thought of going back to school might raise your blood pressure a bit higher, it definitely comes with its perks. One of those perks is having the opportunity to dress up! Whether you are going to class, a party, or a simple trip with your friends, there is the perfect fit for it.

So before you storm the mall, we'll be sharing our curated list on the best back to school outfits for college girls. And the best part is you can do it on a budget!

Let's go!

1. A Simple Pair of Jeans

One of the simplest blessings fashion has ever experienced is the invention of jeans. Whether you decide to go with a skinny, straight-legged, bootcut, high-waisted, or dark washed pair of jeans, chances are you'll be able to achieve whatever look you want to go for. Paired with a blazer, a crop top, or a Letterman jacket, your jeans are sure to give you that edgy and sophisticated look you want to be known for in college.

Levis Womens MidRise Slim Jeans
This mid-rise slim jeans from Levi's costs only $19
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This mid-rise slim jeans from Levi's costs only $19
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2. A Leather Jacket

Like so many investments, a leather jacket never loses its value. Pair up your leather jacket with a lovely pair of jeans, a trendy top, matching sneakers and sunglasses and you're ready to take on the world (in college, of course). If you want to go for an elegant and polished style, you could pair it up with tailored pants and a chic top. Plus, you can wear this ensemble anywhere!

ELODIE Blush Moto Vest
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3. Chic & Comfy Dresses

There's nothing that screams ultra femininity and grace like a chic little dress. No matter the mood, event, or place, there is a dress for you. If you want to go for styles that will flatter your figure and still be easy and comfortable, then you would find dresses to your taste. There are so many types of dresses. Some of them include midi, off-the-shoulder, shift, bodycon, mini, maxi, wrap, and even shift dresses. Good thing is that there is a dress for every occasion, so do not hesitate to splurge.

LUSH Hailey Crepe Shift Dress
This LUSH Hailey Crepe Shift Dress is up for $18.
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4. A Stylish Pair of Boots

In college, you're going to do a lot of walking, so you have to decide what shoes you're going to do all that walking with. A pair of cute and stylish boots will be your best bet because they are not only comfortable, they also look stylish when paired with any outfit. Although going to certain places will require certain kinds of shoes for etiquette purposes, you can never go wrong with a pair of boots.

Red Double Buckle Boots
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5. A Cute Backpack

A backpack is a college essential and you really cannot do without it. But even though it is such a necessity, you can still use it to elevate your own style. Lightweight, durable, spacious, and stylish backpacks are great picks to topping off your college girl stylebook.

Embroidered Beaded Mini Bag
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These are some of the must-have back to school outfits for college girls on our list. With this, you're more than ready to go.

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