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Best brands to sell on Poshmark 2022

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There are really a lot of different brands you can sell and buy through Poshmark. Whether it's clothes, jewelry or make-up, you can choose from many brands. But which brands are doing really well on the platform, and which are popular with buyers? We will take a look at both the most popular brands for women and the most popular brands for men.


Best brands to sell for women

There are some very popular brands that are purchased by many female buyers through Poshmark. These include brands for sports items, namely Lululemon Athletica and Nike. Many women like to buy second-hand items from these brands through Poshmark. Brands like American Eagle Outfitters and J.Crew are also doing well. Looking for new UGGs? Then be on time because these go like hot cakes. Victoria's Secret is also doing well. Not only is this part of the brand popular on Poshmark, but PINK Victoria's Secret is also selling a lot there. For a new bag, you can also go to Poshmark just fine. For instance, there are several fantastic second-hand bags from Coach and Michael Kors that are highly sought-after. The last brand that sells very well at Poshmark is Free People. Even if you love this brand, you should definitely check out this platform.


Best brands to sell for men

Items for men are also sure to be found on Poshmark. Different brands do well for men than for women. First of all, you have clothing brands like Levi's and Polo by Ralph Lauren. Clothing items from these brands are very popular on Poshmark and many people like to buy them. Furthermore, sports brands are particularly popular among men. Many items from Adidas and Under Armour do very well. As with women, Nike and Lululemon Athletica are also very popular. Would you like to buy clothes that are comfortable to move in and also look casual? Then you can also choose from several items from the popular brands The North Face and Patagonia. Another thing that stands out is that NFL-items do very well. These are also sold a lot via Poshmark.


What other brands sell well on Poshmark?

Besides clothing items, other items are also bought and sold through Poshmark. Thus, there are also a lot of popular brands in the field of interior and luxury items. Below is a list of brands that are doing well on interior and luxury items.


Interior brands doing well on Poshmark

Some interior brands that do very well on Poshmark include Kate Spade, Pier 1, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Hallmark, Starbucks, Disney and Vintage.


Luxury brands doing well on Poshmark

Luxury brands that are often bought and sold through Poshmark are Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, David Yurman, Tiffany & Co., Christian Louboutin, Burberry, CHANEL, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.


We should not forget to mention that other brands can also do very well on the platform. It’s really not the case that only the above brands can be popular on Poshmark. These brands may be doing remarkably well, but this doesn’t automatically mean that other brands cannot also be sold very often. So be sure to post items from other brands on the platform as well, because who knows, you might just sell them very quickly.

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