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Brands that don’t sell on Poshmark 2023

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A lot of different brands are offered on Poshmark. Some brands sell better than others. If you have a lot of clothes at home that you no longer wear, it might be a good idea to put some on Poshmark. Of course, it’s nice if you can list clothes that other people like to buy. Some brands sell very quickly on Poshmark, while others hardly sell at all. So which brands don't sell on Poshmark? And which brands are therefore better to list on another platform? Learn the answer of these hard questions in this article.

We will take a look at some brands that generally aren’t very easy to sell on Poshmark.


As popular as the brand is with many people, Levi's doesn’t seem to sell very well via Poshmark. The trousers from this brand are of a fantastic quality, so they can certainly serve as a great second-hand item. Still, many users of Poshmark struggle to sell items from this brand through the platform.


BCBG mainly sells evening dresses and gowns for women. As gorgeous as the dresses are, they are often difficult to sell through Poshmark. They are certainly great dresses to resell to others when you no longer wear them, but you might be better off finding another platform for this.


Clothing from the Lucky Brand is also not sold very much through Poshmark. This brand's items are also of good quality, yet many buyers don't seem to purchase the items very often. You can certainly try through Poshmark, but if you want to sell items from this brand, you might want to choose another platform.

Banana Republic

The brand Banana Republic also has clothes that are very popular with many people. You would think that this brand can also be easily sold through Poshmark, yet this isn’t automatically the case. Items from Banana Republic are really popular anyway, so if you can't get them sold through Poshmark, you might succeed at other resale platforms.

Ann Taylor

Another brand that is not often sold through Poshmark is Ann Taylor. These clothes too are of a good quality most of the time and can serve as excellent second-hand items. Partly due to the fact that it’s a popular brand of good quality, it can definitely sell on Poshmark, yet it generally doesn't happen very often. Definitely give it a try on another platform when it selling it doesn’t work through Poshmark, because as with all the other brands above, it's a shame if the clothes are no longer worn.

It’s important to note that these brands can certainly be sold on Poshmark. However, they are not high-selling brands on the platform, so you might be less likely to sell an item from one of these brands through Poshmark. Still, you can certainly always give it a try. Because who knows, a potential buyer might still be looking for an item from one of these brands that you offer. If you still don't get the item sold, then you can definitely try through another platform.


In summary, while brands like Levi's, BCBG, Lucky, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor currently face challenges in finding their market on Poshmark, it's essential to remember the ever-changing landscape of fashion reselling. Today's slow sellers might become tomorrow's sought-after labels, as trends and consumer demands shift. As sellers, staying adaptable and informed about these changes is crucial. It's also worth experimenting with different platforms to find the right fit for your products. Ultimately, the key is to keep exploring new strategies and stay open to the dynamic nature of the online resale market. Remember, every brand has its unique appeal, and with the right approach, there's always potential for success.

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