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Can Poshmark be trusted?

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When you want to sell second-hand products online, it’s important to carefully consider which platform you will use to do so. If you want to sell second-hand clothes, jewelery or make-up, there are several platforms on which you can do this. One of these platforms is Poshmark. But is it reliable and what is the best way to avoid scams?

Is Poshmark reliable?

Poshmark is a reputable platform through which people can sell second-hand clothes, jeweler and make-up. So, the answer to the question of whether Poshmark is trustworthy is 'yes'. Still, this doesn’t mean that scams do not happen at all. The platform may be reliable, but this doesn’t automatically apply to every seller and buyer that can be found on it. Fortunately, there area number of things that minimize the chances of scams happening. For example, Poshmark itself already takes measures to prevent scams and there are things you can do yourself to make sure you do business as safely as possible.

What are Poshmark's own measures?

As we mentioned before, Poshmark already helps you negotiate safely. First of all, sellers' shipments are protected. However, this is only the case when you use the prepaid and addressed shipping labels Poshmark offers you. Even when you buy something through the platform, Poshmark is happy to think with you regarding safe negotiation. For instance, as a buyer, you can accept or return an item after you’ve received it. Doesn’t the article meet your expectations? Then don't panic, because you can simply return the item. The buyer's payment is not released until they have decided that the item is to their liking and have approved the purchase.

What can you do yourself to prevent scams?

It depends on whether you are a buyer or seller what measures you can take yourself when it comes to preventing scams. We will therefore go into a little more detail on both. Visit this article on Poshmark's Support site and familiarize yourself with buyer's and seller's protection.

Measures for buyers

If you’ve bought an item and it doesn’t match the seller's description, you can open a dispute with the site. This way, Poshmark protects you if it’s true that the item isn’t as it was described on the site. It’s up to you to point this out by opening a dispute.

You can also be careful when it comes to your personal information. Forinstance, you can choose to enter a username that has nothing to do with your real name. Furthermore, you can choose what information you do or do not add. The only thing you will really need is your postal address. If you really don't like someone knowing where you live, you can choose to open a PO box at a post office or have the parcel sent to the address of where you work.

Measures for sellers

The biggest pitfall for sellers on Poshmark is not describing an item well enough. When a buyer opens a dispute, chances are that Poshmark will vindicate the buyer. So as a seller, make sure you describe your items as good as possible to avoid any disputes as much as possible.

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