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How does Poshmark help you sell?

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When choosing a resale platform, it’s sometimes useful to see how a platform helps you as a buyer or seller to get started. Many platforms do this through various features. This is also the case with Poshmark. But which features does Poshmark offer you as a user and how exactly do they work?

The Posh Bundle

Are you really a fashion lover and do you enjoy sharing your style and earning money at the same time? Then the feature called Posh Bundle is perfect for you. As a seller, you can use bundles to send several of your offers too their users that you think will suit them. At the bottom of each offer is an icon. When you click on it, you can create a bundle. The first thing you have to do is type in the name of the user you are going to style. In doing so, you can also choose to give that user a private discount. This way, you make it extra personal, and the chances are much higher that they will buy one of your items. 

Posh Stories

Through Posh Stories, you can easily share offers with your followers and you’re able to show videos and photos of the items that you’re offering. A story doesn’t stay on your account forever, as it’s deleted after 48 hours. You can also tag your offers in a story and connect with other users. To post stories, tap the plus sign by your profile picture. Then create the story and post it by clicking the icon with the blue and white arrow. 

Creating listing videos

If you like to show as much of an item as possible, you can choose to create a listing video. A video can attract buyers and create more awareness on the platform. When you post a video, it’s automatically posted on Posh Stories. Want to create a video? Then tap 'edit' on an existing listing and then click' Add Photo & Video'. After this, you can create a short video in the app. You can also choose to upload an already existing video directly to your listing. 

Offer to Likers/Price Drops

Do you notice that a particular item gets a lot of likes? Then you can offer certain followers a special deal. You can do this by clicking the Offer/Price Drop button on a listing and by then selecting 'Offer to Likers'. After this, you need to reduce the price by at least 10% and you also need to choose a shipping discount. The offer you put together will be sent to all followers who liked the offer. When you reduce the price, all likers will get a notification, making them aware of the offer immediately. It's a great way to appeal to possible new buyers and reach people that are looking for clothes in a lower price range than the price you originally offered the item for.

Of course, there are more features that Poshmark offers you. Still, with these examples you have a good idea of several options that are available on the platform.

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