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Poshmark closet reviews #1

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Welcome to our Poshmark closet review, where we review and give our recommendations to you.

Today we take a look at the @janeisy_ortiz closet.

Items Listed

  • Your Items are super cute and trendy!
  • Try listing more Fall and Winter items as shoppers are preparing for the following seasons.
  • Try listing more popular name brand items that buyers search on Poshmark. More information given in the “Other Section” Below.


  • Your pictures are bright and colorful!
  • Pictures DON’T have to be perfect for items to sell, however make sure they are always clear and the picture truly depicts the condition while bringing out the highlights of the item.
  • Post at least 4 pictures of each items. Show front, back, size tag, material tag, flaws (if any), and a closeup shot.
  • Statistics show that uniform all white backgrounds are the most attractive to sellers, however your pictures are great. I especially love the shoes on the shaggy rug, but just know that a white background gives a more professional look.
  • Take shots of All angles for your shoes/boots including Front, Back, *Both Sides, Bottom Sole, & Top to show the inside.
  • If you find that an item is sitting too long without a sale, change up the main photo by making the background white, invest in a mannequin, invest in a white rug, change to a hanger shot, or change to a flat layout shot.
  • White backgrounds can be achieved by using a solid white wall, white rug, or using apps like FotoFuze that cut out the background leaving a bright white in the background.
  • Items with stock photos have a better chance of selling if you post at least one picture of the actual item.


  • Titles should always include Name Brand, Type, Style, Color, & Size.
  • Remove emojis from the title if you want it shown in the Google Search Results.
  • Make sure to spell out brand names in the title and descriptions. Abbreviations are ok in the title if you need more room for other words, but spell out the brand in the description as this is a keyword that will be searched. Ex: Michael Kors
  • Descriptions can be short and sweet as long as it has important key words. Copy and Paste your Title and add more detail and important keywords that buyers are likely to search. Try switching up the words so it’s not exactly like the title.
  • Include Measurements! Most buys appreciate this and will most likely purchase or make an offer. https://www.mygrowingcreativelife.com/measure-clothes-selling-online/
  • The first and last 10 words in the description should be your major key words. If you choose to keep the description short like for shoes, just make sure you include all important keywords.


  • Never price your items at the lowest amount you are willing to accept as you want to make room to give great deals to likers and accept offers.


  • Include popular name brands searched in your closet as much as possible to attract buyers to your site. Some of these brands are included in the 9am and 3pm EST Poshmark Parties.
  • Click the below to purchase small or large liquidation that have popular brands that sell well on Poshmark. Link: B&G Trading Apparel Liquidators

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