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Top 7 Tips and Tricks for Poshmark Sellers

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#1 Gain Followers

  • Reach Posh Ambassador status
  • “Like” follow games
  • Follow other closets
  • Put an ! at the beginning of your closet name so it listed at the top of followers lists

#2 Increase Self-Shares

  • Hire a VA (virtual assistant) if you aren’t able to share yourself
  • Don’t stress about sharing to daytime parties
  • Make a sharing schedule for yourself to make it a habit (when you wake up share first thing in the morning, share around lunch, share around dinner, then share to the last party of the day, then share to followers right after sharing to the party)

#3 First Impressions

  • Keep your top 3 (most desirable brads/style/best photos) at the top of your closet since they appear in the preview of your closet should it appear in the “follow more people” section in newsfeeds
  • Try to use the same background and hanger for your listings to create a cohesive look
  • Put extra effort into packaging and thank you notes to gain love notes to give buyers confidence
  • Keep shipping time low

#4 Photos

  • Cover Shots: use stock photos when available
  • Take photos in square or 1:1 ratio
  • Use well-lit photos or edit them to brighten them up
  • Use at least 8 photos per listing including: full front, full back, fabric tag, care tag, brand/ size tag, any details, and measurements
  • Use a plain background to not distract from the item

#5 Listings

  • Titles should be: Brand Color Category Description with no words like “cute”
  • Use a template for your descriptions:
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Style
  • Color
  • Keywords
  • Measurements
  • Material content
  • Care info (dry clean or machine washable)
  • Condition / flaws
  • Try to use all of the characters available; the listing should include everything so customers don’t have to ask any questions

#6 Leverage Likes

  • Share you closet and use keywords in your titles and listing to gain likes
  • Send offers to likers
  • Leverage closet clear out
  • Poshmark hosts closet clear out twice per week, normally Sunday and either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday
  • Add the like to the customer’s bundle
  • Comment, “It’s Closet Clear Out today! Let me know if you are interested in this for $X plus $4.99 shipping. I’ll drop the price so poshmark pays the shipping discount. Happy Poshing!”
  • If buyer replies then drop the price at least 10% lower than your 90 day historic low to trigger the closet clear out shipping discount
  • If you don’t know your 10% below lowest price: edit item, click the calculator next to the price, the suggested price will be your highest closet clear out price

#7 Pricing

  • Before you price your item check solds on poshmark, then check the available listing to price competitively
  • Add at least 30% to your minimum price to leave room for offers

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