Follow & Unfollow Closets

Follow users listed in someone's closet in section 'followers' and 'following'.

Follow Users

  1. Go to the closet that has the followers, or, follow people you want to follow.
  2. When you choose the closet, choose the section of ‘followers’ or ‘following’.
  3. Once the list is visible, open My Closet Pixie.
  4. Head over to theMy Closet Pixie follow tabtab.
  5. You canMy Closet Pixie load morebutton and My Closet Pixie will load all the users.
  6. Click the button again, to stop loading.My Closet Pixie stop load more
  7. Click theMy Closet Pixie follow buttonbutton. It will start following users.
  8. If you want to unfollow some closets, clickMy Closet Pixie unfollow buttonbutton and it will unfollow all the loaded closets. To stop, click the button again.

  • You can change the speed of the follow/unfollow button by clicking the up/down arrow.
    My Closet Pixie follow speed
  • If the CAPTCHA comes up, you can wait while it is automatically solved, which can take up to 2 minutes,
    My Closet Pixie captcha detected
    or you can solve it manually and press continue. It will continue following/unfollowing where you left off.
    My Closet Pixie captcha solve manually

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