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Posted by MyClosetPixie on February 17, 2022 · 18 min read

Opportunities to market yourself

Let's say you're on Poshmark and made a decent amount of sales. And now you're trying to think about what's next. Here are some opportunities to market yourself within the Poshmark app.

Get to know the community by sharing through the Poshmark parties and getting involved with the community. If you see a listing comment on it, comment on meet the poshers and build a relationship. Tag your fellow poshers that actually might be interested in an item. It is a great way to really make your presence known to encourage that community piece. Make yourself known, be part of the parties and share your fellow poshers for sure.

Sharing in general, we don't want to beat this topic to death, but sharing is built in marketing. Ultimately, anything that brings exposure to your business is driving awareness and is going to get more eyeballs and that's ultimately just gonna help your following and your audience grow.

Social networks for your Poshmark business

You can feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of social media channels that exist. There's a way to approach it where the value outweighs that daunting feeling. You need to find which ones make the most sense to you and your business.

It's about what makes you comfortable. If you're a writer then think about starting a blog because that's your skill set. If you're funny you should consider TikTok because that can really excel there. If you like to explain things and love teaching, then you want to go on YouTube. Instagram - if you love photos and you love to edit or you love to write little blurbs. If you have a little bit of a mix you can do all of them if you're talented. Maybe you are not comfortable speaking in front of a camera then just write a blog, don't worry about it, just do what makes you comfortable at first. And then you can spread your wings a little and extend to other platforms.

It is something that you have to be excited about. Don't do it if it makes you uncomfortable. Just do it, try it to see if it works for you and if it doesn't, then think what else is gonna be enjoyable to you. Instagram is an easy way to snap a photo of something you're selling and really market yourself without having to put your face out there. Do what you love.


TikTok is so popular because you can be what you want to be, not who you think you have to be. You can go there without makeup and you can talk and people are gonna be like I love her. She's wearing an oversized t-shirt and no makeup and she's talking about spilling her coffee on herself and I love her. The more authentic you are, the more followers you get. There's not a lot of pressure involved and there's a huge opportunity, especially being a posher you have so much knowledge and people are hungry on that channel. It really is a good opportunity if it's something that you want to venture into.

You have to really try a batch test with TikTok. Try different styles and edits. Your videos don't have to be perfect, sometimes a simple video where you explain something in three points and do some basic editing can have millions of views and thousands of likes.

People want to see your authenticity. Don't make mistakes by having a strict script, editing out all your mistakes and making it a perfect robot video.

The beauty of where we are in the social media world. We have really moved away from everything real, trying to be so polished and perfect. Do what you can and authenticity and sometimes even being off, that really shows that you are you and a human. When it comes to building your brand and having people connect with you. People connect with people, not some kind of robot or imaginary person. Having that sense of humanity there really draws people in even more.


Instagram is just such an easy way to communicate with the community by photos. There's so many tools to utilize. Stories are a great way to just be yourself and talk about items that you've sourced. Style them, show how you would put something together and then really engage people. Do more polls, do more engagement, ask peoples' opinions about things.

Try to utilize the stories and mainly engage with your followers. Engaging in your feed is gonna really help you network with other poshers on Instagram and generate that traffic that you really need to get people to your account. It's the same thing with Poshmark. If you don't share your listings no one's going to see them. If you don't interact on Instagram no one's gonna see you, so they kind of work together.

Instagram is about building a community. When you start a conversation you don't want to just let it drop off and fade away. You want to continue that conversation and one of the ways to do it is you have your caption and you end with a question. That really sparks conversation. And not only you ask the question when people are answering, it is about the comments you take the time to engage back with those comments. It's a little thing that really does show that you're interested in building relationships and building connections and community.

You can share TikTok in your story that also generates a great conversation for your followers and boom you get a direct message and more engagement.


Hashtags are really important if you want to be reached, but it's not the ultimate fix. And it's really important to study hashtags even though it takes a little bit of time, but if you put some effort and just utilize different hashtags that other poshers are using, that's gonna help you to be seen on the main feed. Ultimately, it's gonna get your product shown. So if you have a listing and you're putting it on Instagram, say you are selling a Free People top, you want to utilize hashtags that are generated towards Free People. And that's gonna help generate a potential buyer, maybe a new follower and that person's gonna go to your closet and you can get a sale.

For finding what are those popular hashtags there's lots of websites that you can use. There's one tool called and you can utilize it on your desktop and your mobile phone. That's gonna help you generate different sets of hashtags. You want to have three sets to randomize between your posts. Because Instagram can say hey you're taking advantage of being popular and we want to space it out a little bit. That's gonna help you find the right hashtags for the content that you're posting.

And because hashtags are ultimately a Discoverer of discoverability tool just think of what people are going to be searching for and then tailoring those accordingly.

Shadow banning

Shadow banning is when Instagram will basically tell you you're in a timeout. If you are doing mass following, mass liking, mass commenting. In other words, if you're liking really fast or doing an action very fast and you are in a repetitive pattern that's an instant flag for Instagram. Another way to get shadow banned is using banned hashtags. It's impossible to learn the list because it changes constantly. You just need to be aware of which tags are not showing up. If you have a business account, you'll be able to utilize the analytics part of it and you can see if your post is trending and if the hashtags are working.

Creator accounts

It will enable analytics that are very useful when you're first starting, because you can batch test. Batch testing means you can put out a piece of content and then analyze. If that did well and then compare it to your next post. And if it doesn't go well, don't be afraid to fail. Failure is key when you're developing a social media strategy because that's the most honest way to learn. Remember that something that may work for others might not work for you. Just taking that batch testing and looking at it. Seeing how many views you got. If you got two thousand views and you only got 10 likes there's a little bit of a problem. You can kind of say okay, that's not the type of engagement we're looking for. 2,000 people saw my thing and didn't like it. You might have not done the right thing there and try to practice from there.

Should you separate your Poshmark Instagram from your personal Instagram? If you are your brand, everything you do represents your brand and you really want your followers to know you, know what you had for breakfast. Which is a silly thing, but people can relate. And then when they're thinking about “hey, I want to go shopping today. I have money to spend and I'm gonna go to your closet.” They will remember that you mentioned this morning that you had waffles or whatever. It is like you're in the back of someone's mind.

It's also dependent on everyone's style. It is going to change for everyone. You kind of need to test out trial and error. Another idea, if you want to mix your personal and business is keep your feed Poshmark reseller, thrifting related. Add all your personal stuff to your story. You will have a different conversation in your story and then your followers can also interact with you through direct message which also helps your engagement and also helps with traffic in your account.

Strategy or plan for when to post

Every channel is actually different and the audiences will be different too. So while there are so many tools that you can push out your Instagram to Twitter, Facebook you definitely want to be mindful that maybe your Instagram post may not do as well on Twitter, and your TikTok may not do as well. Be a little bit more thoughtful and mindful of where you are cross promoting, because you can take the same content and think about it in different ways for different channels.

Try to balance different posts. It's best to not be afraid to post sporadically. Also, have a little bit of structure. It does help, because it will bring your followers to a point where they will know you are gonna be posting a tip this week and they need to check back and it drives that traffic back to your feed.

Customize it, take what you said on TikTok and put it in a sentence on Twitter. Or take what you said on a post on Instagram and do a video on TikTok. If you don't really have a lot of ideas, you can look at It is a website where you can type in a keyword and it will tell you the most google searched phrases that are within that keyword. That is a way you can create content really quickly if you run out of ideas.

Alternatively, you can use Google Trends to know what people are actually looking for. Once you have your general themes and strategies, one thing to always keep in mind for your Poshmark content strategy is that you always want to think about what value you are offering to your audience. Value can come in many forms. Whether it's entertainment, education, inspiration, motivation. If you're adding value, whether it's a laugh or an inspiration you're doing good.

Personal branding

You can start building your personal brand once you've explored your channels and tested your content.

Focus on something that you love and that other people can relate to you. Try color theory, fonts, and different items of design. That's gonna help focus on your brand and who you are. These small details are gonna help other people remember their account and their closets.

Having consistency and really being true to yourself. Having something you can stand behind. Having a theme will make it easier. So when you post content, you represent yourself, you can just be yourself.

Try to be very motivational. Don't try to sell anything, just try to say I have these items if you want just to look at my closet.

Social media burnout

Just take a break. There's nothing wrong with that. You are not gonna miss anything. It may feel like you're missing everything that is going on, but take a 24 hour break, if you can. It will always make you feel more recharged when you come back the next day. Taking a break and mental health is really important. It's really important when sometimes you compare yourself a lot. You compare yourself to other poshers. You compare yourself with numbers and it can get really unhealthy. You're not a number, you are great as you are. You post amazing stuff and just be yourself. That is why people will want to follow you. And if you need a break, it's okay to take a break.

If you're not feeling it just stop, don't worry about it. If you are using multiple platforms, it is great, because if you're burnt out on taking photos, go over to TikTok and watch some dog videos. Maybe you'll get inspired to do something silly. Don't take yourself so seriously and it also helps prevent putting so much pressure on analytics. Take a step back, just be yourself and the followers will or will not come. They stop how authentic you are, just chill out and relax a little.


Just put myself out there on social media! You have nothing to lose. Using Instagram can be a great way to market your closet and receive sales on Posh!

If you lack self-confidence and just thought that nobody would care about your little resale/handcrafted jewelry business. Just try it and throw yourself into Instagram and start following other Poshers. The follow backs and the likes will roll in. You will see your Poshmark followers grow. Poshmark is not only helping you to grow as a small business owner/creator, but also grow in your life!

Get a TikTok. It has the ability to link to your Instagram and YouTube. Great for business!

Happy Poshing Everyone!

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