Offer To Likers

Make Offers to users who Liked your items

  1. Go toMy Closet Pixie my closet tabtab.
  2. ClickMy Closet Pixie offers to likers buttonbutton.
  3. It will show you how many items there are ready to offer and you can choose your offer discount by moving the range slider.
    My Closet Pixie offer settings
  4. You can also give a discount for shipping, by choosing one of the options below.
    My Closet Pixie offer shipping settings
  5. My Closet Pixie will automatically show Offer Discount price and Shipping Discount for all the items, so you can follow up the offers you make.
    My Closet Pixie offer preview
  6. When everything is set up, clickMy Closet Pixie send offers buttonand My Closet Pixie will send offers to all item likers.
  • Offer to Likers must be at least 10% below listing price and include a shipping discount. All offers are binding and expire in 24 hours. If the buyer accepts, payment will be processed.
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