Share To Parties

  1. Go to the closet or page with the items you would like to share. It can be your closet, someone else’s closet, the main feed, or a party.
  2. Use the filtering options on the left side of the page and filter out all the items you don’t want to share.
  3. Go to theMy Closet Pixie share tabtab.
  4. ClickMy Closet Pixie load morebutton to load more items in the closet. It will load all the items automatically or pressMy Closet Pixie stop load morebutton if you have reached your sharing items limit.
  5. Click theMy Closet Pixie share to partybutton. It will show you how many items there are on the page, and percentages of shared items.
    My Closet Pixie shares progress
  • The ‘Share To Party’ button only works when there is a party going on.
  • You can change the speed of the share button at the bottom of the share tab by clicking the up/down arrow.My Closet Pixie sharing speed
  • You can pause the sharing by clicking on the button again.My Closet Pixie stop sharing
  • You can repeat sharing items 1 to 10 times or choose to repeat indefinitely by clicking the up/down arrow.My Closet Pixie repeat sharing
  • My Closet Pixie will share the items on the page over and over again until the CAPTCHA comes up. If the CAPTCHA comes up, you can wait while it is automatically solved, which can take up to 2 minutes,
    My Closet Pixie captcha detected
    or you can solve it manually and press continue. It will continue sharing where you left off.
    My Closet Pixie captcha solve manually
  • If you want to use the browser for other work, it is better to open it as a new window, rather than a new tab.
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