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How to drive more Poshmark sales

Drive more Poshmark sales

This article is divided into several sections, so if you are interested in a particular topic, you can jump on it right away:

Poshmark listing titles and descriptions that make sales

The first thing to keep in mind when writing titles and descriptions is that your potential customers are going into Poshmark or even on Google to search for certain items. Your item could pop up just based on what you put in your title and description. So make sure you are putting all important details to help them find your items.


You should put the brand first because a lot of people love their specific brands, or an abbreviation for the brand if it’s long and identifiable, like “Banana Republic” can become “BR”, “7 for All Mankind” can become “7FAM”, etc. Then if there are any style names to that brand or that garment that you are listing. Make sure to put special materials, especially if it is something like organic cotton, silk, just something special and unique. Of course don’t forget to add size. If the item is new with tags, you should also indicate that somewhere in the title with “NWT”, even though you will check that box during the listing process. Your title template should look like this: BRAND + STYLE + (SPECIAL MATERIAL) + SIZE

  • Examples:
  • Zara Sparkly Side Stripe Skinny Jean Size 8
  • Versace Baroque & Leopard Dress Silk Size 40
  • Free People Sheer Burgundy Black Floral Embroidered Lace Tunic XS


In your description put all your measurements, add some ideas and where they can wear that piece like, it is a great piece for going out at night, something like that because people are searching for those things like "girls night out outfits". Try to think in the mindset of a customer and think of what would this customer be searching for in Google or on Poshmark so that they can find your item. If it needs special care like dry cleaning or it needs to be hand washed, what does it feel like, so people can really envision what it would be like on their body they're a lot more likely to just buy now. Not only that, but for skin sensitivities like if somebody is allergic to certain fabrics they can't purchase things that even though looks great. They kind of need to know what's in it, what material or what content is in it. After that, test it out. Once you list your item you can see if that item will go to the top of the feed for search results. Go into Poshmark and put like Southwestern Vest, and check that pops up at the top or is item way too far below. Then go from there to adjust your listing.

Trends and seasonality

For those who have been selling for at least 3-6 months, you can audit your Poshmark closet to see which items are really selling, which items got a bunch of likes fast, and which have been sitting for a month and have not really gotten any attention. Just so you know for future reference. For example, if your closet has an audience that loves Madewell, you need to find more Madewell or you need to find more Levi’s Denim, etc. Keep an eye on what the customer wants because you only know what you like, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that that is what the people on Poshmark want to purchase.


To explore new trends most certainly use Google and for example, if it is spring search for "Spring fashion trends in 2022" and read some of the different articles that's talking about that. Another thing to try is going to Instagram and paying attention to those influencers and they generally start to talk about it before the season begins and so it's an opportunity for you to start to pick up those items. A lot of these influencers are already doing the work and researching this for you. You may as well use this information. For instance a lot of companies are using influencers as their marketing right now so kind of take a look at what's being promoted right now by these huge influencers because their managers are already approving these things because they're big. Take a look at those brands.

Also watch other resellers on Youtube to kind of get an idea of what they're sourcing and seeing if their style matches yours.

Another great way is to go to Pinterest and just search 2022 {blank} trends for example, 2022 business casual trends, just google that and you'll get a list of all these different types of brands that are out there that could help you during your next sourcing trip. Always research first before you go sourcing. You have a good idea of what you are looking for and that way you are not just buying something because it's a dollar at Goodwill or something like that.


Prioritize, you'll pick up things for any season when you're out sourcing, but you'll prioritize what you list based on the season and what's hot and trending. In this way you will get the hot stuff up first when you're paying attention to the trends and the seasons and certainly don't hesitate to list other things that seem off season because you just never know. Get it all up there, you can't sell it unless it's listed right. There's so many seasons throughout the world it's not the same as for us here in America it's different throughout the world. When people are starting to travel again after everything that's going on right now you have to be ready for them. They're going to need that bathing suit in November or something. We might think it is out of season but it might be normal for them. That's when they need it you know because they're traveling somewhere and can't get a bathing suit anymore in the stores and absolutely need to get one out of season. Another good thing is when you're out sourcing people are looking for things that are for that season so things might be sold out in that season so go to the opposite season. You'll be stocking up for later on so that you'll be ready just in case you don't have time to source so just be ready for anything that might come up.

You have to make sure that your seasonal items are listed, for example, if you have a death pile like a lot of us, do make sure that you don’t have the perfect summer bathing suits and shorts, sundress just sitting in there and not getting listed in the summer season.

At the same time, you should keep everything listed once the seasons change, don’t delete those bathing suits once it is cold or your Christmas sweaters, because you never know if somebody wants a Christmas sweater in July. If a buyer comes along and snaps it up then they come along and if not then that is totally fine because Christmas is coming again next year.

Pricing strategies for Poshmark listings

Finding the right price can help you determine how quickly your item sells and for how much.

You've probably heard the word "comps" in the Poshmark community. What is a comp? The word "comps" is short for comparables. When you're finding a comp, you're simply looking up historical sold prices for an item that is similar or exact to the one you're selling so you'd know how much to list your item for.

The first step is to check competitors.

  1. Start by finding what the item is being priced at right now as well as what is it selling for.
  2. Get the brand name which usually is on the label then find the style name and search that in Poshmark, once you get that list up go by “just in” filter that and that way you will see items that are just being listed particular of that style and see what it is priced at.
  3. And then you can filter even further by going to the sold section still making sure it is just perhaps the last items that have been sold in that because sometimes a style could have sold for a higher value before and now it is not so much anymore or vice versa a style could have gone up.

This way you are getting the most optimal competitors pricing in that regard and then that is where you should take into consideration that a lot of people are pricing this at about $50 but you have the expectation that it is probably going to sell around $35 or $40.

In addition, you can use the SellHound pricing tool. It is free to check for competitors on Poshmark. If you plan to use offers to likers or later down the road to participate with closet clear outs then you should price things in your closet at least on the higher end of the pricing spectrum because that way you will have a wiggle room already built in your pricing.

If you are unsure about SellHound results or it is including similar items in the results then go to Poshmark to validate by finding exact matches. When comparing prices make sure to also check the sizes. If you have a pair of jeans size 26 but the only ones that are available on the site are 28s and 29s, you know that you have the only pair in that size so you do have a little bit more wiggle room knowing that the people looking for your jeans are not necessarily the people looking for the exact same jeans in a different size so you may have a little bit of an advantage there you could price up a little bit. However on the flip side if you are one of 37 white H&M T-Shirts in a size 6 you might want to lower the price a little bit if you want to get that item out the door.

One more thing about pricing is to make sure to include paying yourself for the time you're putting into the sale. If you spend a lot of time taking a picture and writing a fabulous description and you know you're going to provide excellent packaging make sure you're not under pricing things.

Pricing based on seasons

You can play around with pricing based on seasons. When it's out of season don’t bother with relisting. Like the Christmas sweaters, leave them hanging out at a decently low price after being dropped a few times in December and if somebody comes around and wants to snap up something at that super low, like three time discounted price they're totally welcome to. But when November rolls around again you should be deleting those listings, making them nice and fresh and bumping the price up a little bit to see what you can do with some offers to see if people are going to be interested because people might be willing to pay a little bit more.

How often to share Poshmark closet?

What is the best time to share? Does sharing make sense at all? These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Share as often and as much as you can. If you are lucky that your schedule allows you to be on a Poshmark a lot then during this time try to share a minimum of five times a day which is a lot if you have over 50 active listings. If you need some help you can try to have a virtual assistant who helps you do some of that sharing. When you cannot make a lot of shares, make sure the shares you do are effective. Not all shares are created equal. Try to share items that is probably more likely to sell, so items that are getting a lot of likes, items that are seasonal, items that are popular, items that are photographed really well like, if you are really proud of the cover shot or the flatlay make sure to share those a little bit extra. Sharing an item that maybe doesn't have the best description, doesn't have the best lighting that's not going to be as effective as sharing an item that's really gorgeous, great keywords, great price making sure to dedicate your time towards sharing. That will really pay off and is super important. Try to keep those listings at the top so if you have a little extra time share them last before you go do some other tasks. Definitely depending on the day, some days you can do a lot of shares, others not so much but try to share really really often because it pays off.

Best times to share

There are no scientific statistics on when it is better to share on the Poshmark platform. But here are some of the best times we think:

  • In the morning, because during this time people are just browsing their phones and maybe something will catch their eye. They will most likely not buy right away, but will definitely put a like.
  • During lunch, when they have free time to relax from work and browse their phones.
  • And perhaps the most valuable time, in the evening. There will definitely be a lot of shopping during this time, people will no longer think about work and will want to buy something for themselves after a long day of work. If you do not have time to share at other times, then this would definitely be one mandatory time to do so.

How to automate sharing

Did you know that it's possible to share your entire closet with one click? It is not a built-in feature of Poshmark, but an additional tool that automates this process. As an example, if you have 100 active listings and wanted to share them 5x a day, you would have to make 1000 clicks (2x clicks for one listing). With these automation tools, you can do this with just five clicks. We also offer a Poshmark automation tool called My Closet Pixie, if you are interested then try the 7 day free trial to understand its benefits.

Poshmark inventory report

In the inventory report there's just so much information, all you have to do is look at it and you can pull out so many different things that you can use. There you have the listing date, so has your item been sitting for too long, is it maybe time to release some items, maybe purge those pieces so that you can donate them or put a sale on those type of things.

You can look at the department that if you sell in. If there are several different departments you are running low on women's items, running low on men's items, running low on kids items. How are those things doing. Especially if you have a very very large closet and it's hard for you to look at it at a glance. Just your different brands are running low on a top brand that's usually selling for you. So if you are running low on your top brands then you need to go source for them and put them on the top of your shopping list. Sizing, what sizing is there, what's your top selling sizes, do you have too many smalls and not enough larges.

The likes are in there as well so if you want to report on all the likes that you have on that item at a glance just in one sheet so you don't have to go scrolling through your whole closet. You can take a look at them and use that for closet clear out. That's how you can determine which items you are going to drop, what the price is, and which items have the most likes. That way you can drop the prices for those items and maybe they'll get you some more sales because more likes means a higher odds of getting a sale.

If you drop the price on that, you can see your lowest listed price. That will help you determine if you've already listed that a little bit lower for you with closet clear out, if you listed it too low maybe it's time for you to delete that listing and re-list it because you have already reached the lowest price that is acceptable for that item. So now you have to re-list it so you can put it on a separate report or list for yourself so that's a reminder to re-list it.

For instance, if you have sold a lot of small size tops you could look at that as you have a customer base who shop size small a lot, but on the flip side you also see that you need to make sure that you are sourcing sizes other than size small because that's good reminder that you need to branch out so that there's a decent amount of variety so people can bundle things in your closet.

Happy Poshing Everyone!

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