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How to start selling on Poshmark

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Read before you start selling on Poshmark

When you start using Poshmark you might be a little bit shy or not quite sure of what to do. There's a lot of different things that you learn over time and because of our really tight-knit community you can reach out to anyone on the platform. If you follow people on Instagram they can kind of mentor you through the process of establishing your own true identity on the platform and guide you through the beginning phases. Try not to worry about the numbers when you first join and start selling. You see people with hundreds of thousands of followers, hundreds of listings, many comments in their listings and in the beginning you can be getting two likes on all your listings, maybe one comment asking about measurements. As time goes on, you will realize that none of those numbers really matter as much as a lot of people may think and it's really all the effort that you put into it when you connect with sellers you get more business.

You don't have to have the biggest and the best of equipment and you can't necessarily always afford the best things like special light or white walls to make pictures, but just getting creative and being confident in yourself and finding your own way. You don't have to look like everyone else, you don't have to do what everyone else does, you just find what works for you. Don't try to compare yourself to other people.

Intersection of other social media sites and Poshmark and learning about great deals on Poshmark by following other Poshers! Also try to provide excellent customer service, particularly in creative ways!

How to start selling on Poshmark

There are a lot of ways to get started on Poshmark. Maybe you need to get rid of many of your own clothes because of going to college or moving. Maybe you can help your mom, family and friends to sell stuff on their behalf. Maybe you just need a new prom dress, but it is too expensive, you can earn some money by selling your own clothes that are too small or you just don't use anymore.

Before you start selling you might want to kind of get to know the app a little bit. You can give yourself a time to learn, for example a one month, write in your calendar the date you will start and actually put your first listing in Poshmark. In that learning time, register to Poshmark, try to buy something from other closets, so you know how this will look from your customer's side. Browse a lot of other closets, try to find your inspiration closets so you can learn from them, how they write item titles, description, what photos they have.

If you daily use Instagram, you can start to follow other Poshers, you can find them by various hashtags like #poshmark #poshmarkcommunity #poshersupportingposher #posher #poshmarkcloset #poshmarklove #poshmarkseller. There you can find a lot of tips and inspirations for your closet. Don’t get overwhelmed, don’t set a bar too high for your first items, the target is to get better and do your best now with your current knowledge. Who knows, maybe after a year you will start to resell or if you keep getting more and more into it making more sales and then developing a business. It might just come naturally and it can be a fun experience to just dive into that Poshmark world.

How to source items to sell on Poshmark

Everybody's posh closets are obviously so unique and your own personal style and the brand that you're building, some thrifts, some do retail arbitrage, some are from their own closets. The best and easiest way is to start with your own closet. There usually you can find pieces that are in good condition, but you don’t wear them or they just don’t fit you anymore. You can also check your spouse and kids closet, but be sure to ask permission before doing it. If you have a good relationship with your relatives, you can even ask them to help declutter their closets. These are great alternatives when shops are closed for those who used to go thrifting.

You can also purchase bundle boxes of Poshmark. It's a great deal looking at some stuff and making some selections and you can sell about half the things you've gotten. That's a really good way for a lot of Poshers to source. Usually you can get a lot of money from your own closet because many of us likes to rotate wardrobe a lot and it's a good way to buy your pieces off Poshmark. Whenever it's time where the seasons are changing pick things out of your closet that you just don't think will get as much love and list them. Usually they're a great way to just downsize your closet as well as introducing new clothes. As well purchasing on Poshmark is supporting small businesses and it's really important, especially in the environment today that we kind of recycle our clothing over and over again until there's absolutely no point where they can be restored for to wear and then to incorporate it into something else so there's not as much textile wasted at.

Start sourcing online and maybe you can find multiple closets who do five for $25 or mystery boxes, reseller boxes and purchase a few of those. By selling one item you could triple the amount you spent. Don't sleep on Poshmark and try to find that drive and love for this.

Strategies for making sales

Branding is really important for any platform and one of ways you can do that is through social media. Almost all of us have Instagram and it can be dedicated to our Poshmark business. It is a great way to connect with people of all backgrounds on all accounts and the more you post and they see those interesting posts they want to connect with you and talk to you. You can make so many good friends that give you many great things through your Instagram because they see that you share a common interest and that's one of those things that connects people and brings more people to your business. You can even create a business account and reach out to even more people. Sell and follow all these huge Poshers that are super well-known and other Poshers who might not have a lot of followers. They post tips and tricks every day and teach you something new and it's really just constantly about growth.

Definitely use the copy listing feature. Going through and relisting stuff constantly can really help pick up sales. Also definitely use the community aspect - making friends and so many connections just by reaching out to other people on Poshmark and sharing tips and tricks and then there you've made a friend and you've helped somebody out and you've helped them grow their business and they might come back to share your closet and find something they liked and purchase it. So just making connections and having that traffic and obviously share, share, share that is number one constantly sharing your closet.

Focus more on the experience in customer service. It is a completely different dynamic from providing customer service in person than it is on Poshmark. When people like an item or add it to a bundle that shows interest in that item. You can thank him for liking and open reasonable offers for example. Or you can tell him that you`re doing this other sale or let him know if you have any questions. Try to really get that conversation started. It doesn't work all the time nor does it work all the time when you're in person, but it's a really good way of going the extra mile and really making the experience more personalized for the customer.

Tools and features to try on Poshmark

Poshmark is not only about you, as we said earlier it is about a community to help and support. If you use other social media platforms then you can use those clips and share them on Poshmark too. Engage with Poshers, tag other closets or their listings. In posh stories you can share tips on how to style your items, how you package them and other behind the scenes actions.

Share to parties. Poshmark will give you a hint the day before to tell you what is going to be the party the next day. Get into the party and share your closet, this will increase your exposure. Also share other closet items to get involved in the community and maybe make some new posh friends.

Drop the price day. Make sure also to follow the drop the price day, it's very fun because when dropping the price in this list of drop your listings will be the last so it gives you a visibility.

Bundle feature. You can bundle things from your closet if you have like 10 things. You can bundle those for Poshers and you can send them a great discount or a shipping desk or free shipping. I love being able to add a message and actually just say `thank you` and that you appreciate the time they spent on looking through your items and being able to have that dialogue with them because then you become more than just a computer screen or a phone screen and you're not just a store we're actually a person so they get to know you a little bit and have that one-on-one connection which is really beneficial. It really helps to make sales when you're able to actually personalize and make it human. If someone adds to a bundle a couple items, but they're not sure about the sizing the bundle feature lets you talk to other Poshers on a more personal level because they're more private rather than having all their comments listed to the public. For example, if a buyer doesn't know if the dress is going to fit her, she provides me with all her measurements and that way you are able to tell her how it would fit. A lot of people don't want to have that information in public so it's definitely something you can use to connect with customers on a personal level. Something else that's great about it is that you can offer four bundles instead of just offering a better discount for one item. You can offer it for an entire bundle and you can customize your pricing that way because it's just between you and the buyer and it's not for the public so it's definitely a tool that you should try. Another thing that you can find really awesome with making sales with the bundle feature is on closet clear out days. People will like your listing and maybe they're not quite ready to purchase and so you might drop the listing price and nobody buys it and then you're kind of stuck with that lower price. You can comment on the listing and say like `hey thanks for showing interest. I was wondering if you're interested in purchasing today or if you're kind of window shopping. That way you get responses if they are just window shopping today. You know that it's not necessary to drop the price right now and you can keep your higher price. Other times it gets somebody to respond they're like they are really interested and ask you to drop the price.

Listing challenge. Being able to list as much as you can. There's no limit; it's not like you can do only 10 listings today and wait some other time to add more. It's nice to have unlimited listings that you can do and then on top of that you can win money. How can you say no to that? Your items are being bought and Poshmark is paying you or giving you a price for listing your items so it's really great.

The copy feature is just a really easy way to copy the entire listing into a brand new listing. Use it for things that have become kind of stagnant. They might have nine, ten likes and maybe a lot of people are scurrying. If you see that no one's fighting, no one's offering, no one's asking questions and maybe you're just dropping the price. Try to give it a new life. The copy features a really good way to give you a new listing. It gets rid of the lights and everything and you can start fresh. It's really easy versus if you want to do that you would have to make a whole new listing and take all the pictures all over again.

Maintain balance

If you are planning to do Poshmark for a long time you need to have a balance, because Poshmark is not your regular 9-5 job, Poshmark is open and working 24/7 and there might be a desire to be on Poshmark all the time, responding to every notification.

One possible solution is to dedicate one or two days in your week so you can only focus on Poshmark. That means like listing, taking photos, sourcing for the items you wanted to list and stuff like that. Make sure to communicate this within your household, so everybody is informed and supporting your decision.

Another option is to write down all Poshmark related tasks and plan them through all the week, so you will know what exactly needs to be done on this day. Try to do only planned tasks to not get hooked up and stay all day on the Poshmark app.


You can connect with the Poshmark community. Whether it's virtually in the app or in person. On the Poshmark app you can take the time to say `hi` and `welcome` to new postures going under your profile. It's fun just to see that there's someone behind the app and people are responding and that they're very nice.

You can make an instagram account that is devoted just to reselling and Poshmark. That is a way to connect with so many other Poshers and it's awesome to see that they are here to build you up on your good days and bad days and it's just the sense of community. You might have the opportunity to meet some Poshers in person and even make friends. You can join Facebook groups devoted to Poshmark and it's great to be able to ask someone things. For example, when you're stuck sometimes and need to know how to handle this. It's great to be able to reach out and get great advice. It can help you to make sales. You can lift each other up rather than discouraging others.

What sets Poshmark different from pretty much every other platform out there is the sense of community and just how you know there's so many millions of users. It's still tight-knit and it's because of opportunities like this posh on-campus, posh party and other opportunities like that really bring the community together. There's a lot of times where you learn things as you go along because you're not specialized. Being your own manager merchandiser, finance your accountant, and fulfilling everything, sourcing, supply chain. It really makes a lot of responsibilities. This is something you can have on your LinkedIn. There's many things that you can learn like customer service, you learn about the fashion industry, but you can also just really learn about branding and time management.

How Poshmark can change your life

Poshmark sales can alleviate so much stress. Being able to pay my bills and not have to live paycheck to paycheck and having that extra source of income.

You can make goals you want to achieve every year. For example, reaching a hundred thousand followers on Poshmark or keeping up with your consistency even though you are working full-time or maybe you want Poshmark to be your full-time job. Your goal can be making more listings and thinking about Poshmark as your portfolio so whenever someone asks you to see your posh market count they'll see hundreds and hundreds of listings and they'll know that you are really serious about your business and you could become someone's mentor for example. Try to keep things current and always put some fresh listings into your closet.

Number one Posh tip

Share, share, share your closet because no matter how good your title, description and photos are, you need to bring it in front of your buyers. If you have only 5-10 active listings it is an easy and fast task to complete, but what to do if you have 50 and more active listings? Of course you can manually go and share all items by yourself, but there is another - better and faster way to do it - you can use Poshmark tools like My Closet Pixie to share hundreds and thousands of items with just one click. Try a 7 day free trial if you are interested.

Happy Poshing Everyone!

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